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Genoese Fortress in Sudak – fortifications of the XIV century in the Crimea

Ancient Walls and Towers of Sudak Fortress

The Genoese fortress in Sudak is one of the most significant and famous sights of the Crimea. It stands on an ancient fossilized coral reef that has risen over the millions of years from the sea to a height of more than 150 meters. The slopes of the Fortress Mountain are only half-covered with grass, […]

Mount Sokol: Climb to the Top of the Highest Coral Reef in Europe

At the Peak of Sokol Mountain at Sunset, Novy Svet

A legend says that in the old days, when people had not yet lived in Crimea, two birds fought over the sea – an eagle and a falcon. The falcon was younger, the eagle was stronger, and it is not known who would have won if the sea had not been angry. It was it […]