Golitsyn Trail in the Novy Svet: a Walk Through Paradise Places Worthy of the Emperor

They say that the village of New World was founded by Prince Lev Golitsyn because of great love. He fell in love with Nadezhda Zasetskaya and left for her estate, bought the part that belonged to her beloved brother, and then founded his estate here with the sonorous name of Paradise. Golitsyn became interested in winemaking: he decided that the best champagne can be obtained only from local varieties. Therefore, vineyards stretched along the sea, and in the grottoes arranged wine storage.

Novosvetsky (from Novy Svet) Golitsyn’s champagne “Paradise” won the French exhibition in 1900. It was awarded the Grand Prix. The organizers of the exhibition were shocked: after all, before they had heard nothing about Crimea and its winemakers, and suddenly Crimean champagne turned out to be better than French!

However, like any enthusiastic person, the prince spent too much money on a “hobby” and almost went broke. However, he came up with an excellent plan: he decided to donate his possessions to Emperor Nicholas II. It happened in 1912. It was then that the Golitsyn trail was built: on the orders of the prince, it was cut down in the rock of Koba-Kaya (Orel Mount, Eng: Eagle Mountain), extended to Cape Kapchik and ennobled – made steps for convenient ascents and beautiful stone fences. The emperor arrived, accepted the land as a gift, left Golitsyn as manager and departed on the same day. It is not known what impression the local beauties made on the imperial family. However, it is known for sure that the monarch swam on the Tsar (Royal) Beach and tried the local champagne. They say that the sovereign exclaimed: “From now on, I see life the New World!”, After which the estate was renamed. Since then it has been called the Novy Svet.

Leo Golitsyn’s idea was an incredible success. The emperor left him the Keeper of the estate.

What Does the Rout Include

Sokol Mountain Framed by Rock and Pine Tree After Sunset
View from a tourist path of Golitsyn on the Sokol (Falcon) Mountain framed by a pine tree and a rock at the bottom of Oryol (Eagle)

The route along the Golitsyn trail is immediately 7 unique attractions, not counting the stunning beauties of nature and breathtaking views along the way:

  • Entrance through a stone arch, stairs of 1912. It is believed that earlier this path led to the Orthodox monastery, which was located in a natural grotto. This was evidenced by the frescoes on the walls and ceiling of the grotto, which remained almost until the XIX century. The prince tried to ennoble the path as much as possible, to make it worthy of royal attention, but in 1927 an earthquake destroyed almost all the beauties, stucco molding and many small tasting rooms located along the way.
  • Grotto of Chaliapin (or Estrade). In 1903, the Most Holy Prince celebrated here. Leo Golitsyn argued that “the Sea drilled this coral reef and retreated … specially for us to create this wonderful trail and magnificent grotto.” Indeed, the Koba Kaya Rock is the oldest coral reef from the Tethys Sea, the ancient ocean from the Mesozoic Era, which is about 150 million years old. And the grotto turned out naturally. The height of the cave formed by sea waves is 25-30 meters, and the width is 17 meters. There are preserved stone niches for bottles and the remains of the scene. It is easy to imagine how they sang here, had fun until late at night, and the light was given by a huge candle chandelier hanging under the very ceiling. It is said that Chaliapin sang here, and one of the wine bottles cracked with the force of his voice. What is interesting: a well is still preserved inside. In it, despite the proximity of the sea, completely fresh water.
  • Two beautiful and picturesque bays – Blue and Blue. They really differ in shades of water, although they are separated by only a thin cape. The water is very clear, and in clear weather, from the trail you can see the bottom of the bays.
  • Through passage between bays in the rock. They say that huge bat colonies winter in it.
  • Amazing Cape Kapchik, reminiscent of a lizard drinking water.
  • Tsar (Royal) beach.
  • Relic juniper grove.
  • Karaul-Oba Karaul-Oba (Tatar: Qaravul Oba, Russian: Karaulnaya, Eng: Watch Guard Mountain) – The ancient coral reef of the Jurassic period, the massif with its mystic rocky ledges, the state complex natural monument.

It is worth walking along the Golitsyn trail to see how a passionate person can transform the surrounding nature, make its beauty even more accessible.

Photographs from the Tour

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