Ai-Petri Mountain Adventure

Yellow Car On Aerial Cableway of Ai-Petri Mountain

It is estimated that Ai-Petri Mountain (named after St. Peter) is approximately 2 million years old. During the Jurassic period the surrounding area was a sea containing a huge 600 metre reef, however over the centuries the sea has receded, isolating and shaping the mountain into what can be seen today. And what was once […]

Swallow’s Nest Castle – The Most Famous Landmark of Crimea

Sailing in the Sea - Neo-Gothic castle "Swallow's Nest" in Gaspra

According to statistics, more than 70% of tourists (not only from Russia but also from Europe) can recognize the Swallow’s Nest Castle seen in this photograph. It is known as the “white pearl” of the Southern Crimean Coast and despite being located in the village of Gaspra which is 11 km from the “resort capital” […]