Sokol Mount (Falcon Mountain) or Kush-Kaya is a mountain in the eastern part of Crimea, a coastal rock massif between Sudak and Novy Svet (New World). It is Europe's biggest and oldest coral reef raising on a height of 474 meters above the sea level. Kush-Kaya in translation from the Crimean Tatar - "bird of the rock." The ancient Romans called Mount Senator - for a proud, majestic appearance, and modern people see the contours of a huge bird spreading its wings. In the present time, it is often called Sokol (Falcon). There are a dozen birds of prey on the rock and around it: eagles, kites, hawks, and falcons, to name a few. The southern and western slopes are rocky, occupied by sparse forests of Stankevich’s pine and juniper, on the northeastern slope there is a broad-leaved forest, Kevin tree and jasmine are found. Over 20 climbing trails of various degrees of difficulty have been laid on the southwestern and southern face of the cliff. The only road from Sudak to Novy Svet passes through the southern slope of Mount Sokol. The round trip on its peak and back takes about 4-5 hours.