Massandra is one of the most beautiful places on Crimea's southern coast, with its picturesque rocks, grottos, natural springs, and waterfall. mAt the end of 19th century the estate belonged to Governor of Novorossiya Count Vorontsov who started palace construction close to John the Baptist’s Beheading Church in 1881. The palace was designed by a French architect Étienne Bouchard, who conceived the palace in the style of the medieval French castles of the Loire Valley - with round towers and high roofing. In 1882 due to the death of Count Vorotsov the construction works of Massandra Palace were stopped till 1889, when Massandra estate of the Vorontsovs together with the unfinished palace was bought for Emperor Alexander III. The Palace ensemble construction works were continued from 1892 till 1900 under the design of Maximilian Messmacher, the famous architect who designed a number of mansions in St. Petersburg. Messmacher retained his predecessor's building but significantly refined the details, giving the palace a lighter look and more decorative features by adding elements of the Renaissance and Baroque in the style of Louis XIII. At the same time, a French-style park was created around the palace.