Located near Yalta city, Ai-Petri is one of the most famous and popular Crimean mountains. The name has Greek origin, and is translated as St. Peter. From its peaks, tourists can see the bay of Yalta city, shore of the Black sea where located such famous attractions like Swallow Nest Castle, admire amazing landscapes over the whole southeastern coast of Crimea. Here you can see Figured Teeth, the four large (60-80 m high) and a number of small ridges on the crest formed during the weathering of heterogeneous reef limestones at 1200 meters above sea level at the peak the highest point of the mount. If you are brave and want to get a portion of adrenaline to get the best views of this tour, you can take suspension bridge to one of these rocks, but only in summer season if good weather conditions (no wind, rain or clouds). To get the peak of Mount Ai-Petri you can take a cable car from Mishor, or drive by car using the old (built at the end of 19th century) military road with stops to admire beautiful landscapes at Silver Arbor (observation deck), Mountain Lake, mountain rivers and waterfalls at the Big Canyon.